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Thank you for visiting is a Europe-based global online source that has been a worldwide professional supplier in selling fiber optic communication products, who is providing a vast range of connectivity solutions to the telecommunications, military, industrial, data storage, broadcast and networking industries, has always offered a high degree of flexibility with our online shopping platform and customization with our wide various partners. Technology Co. Ltd specialized in the developing and manufacturing of fiber optic transceivers and components and related products since 2005. It is European fiber optic manufacturer and European fiber optic supplier. Our products are known for the reliable products quality, competitive price and fast delivery as well as good after-sales service. offers a wide range of fiber optic products including Fiber Optic Transceiver (SFP, GBIC, CWDM SFP, DWDM SFP, SGMII SFP, SFP Plus, XFP, X2, XENPAK, Copper, and Pon), Fiber Optic Media Converter , Fiber Optic Video Multiplexer , CWDM , DWDM , PLC Splitter , Optic Distribution Frame , Fiber Optic Attenuator , Fiber Optic Patch Cord ,Fiber Optic Pigtail , Fiber Optic Connector , Fiber Optic Adaptor , etc. has the capability and capacity to support a large global network of telecommunication from and to any point in the supply chain. Our R&D partner is with core technical knowledge and advanced equipment enable the production and supply of exceptionally high quality and performance devices played a key role in integration technology of fiber optic products & solution. And make it easier for our customers to innovate, compete and continue to drive down the cost of optic telecommunication hardware worldwide. Technology Co. Ltd not only has been providing OEM service of fiber optic products for some world leading companies in this industry, but the company has been supporting many other customers from all over the world to be successful in the fiber optic market.


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